Copy Protection

DataCops – is proud to present, This is your one-stop-Info-shop for all your copy protection requirements.

You will find more information about :
1. Content Protection
2. Software Protection
3. Video Protection
4. DRM – Digital Rights Management

All the Above solutions are available on:
1. CD-r as well on CD-ROM media
2. DVD-r as well DVD-ROM media
3. USB Media ( Flash Drive )

User can select the media based on their capacity :
1. CD can store data upto – 680 Mb
2. DVD can store data upto – 3.6 to 7.8 Gb
3. USB can store data from 2 Gb, 4Gb, upto 8 Gb.

DataCops provides most recent data / software copy protection solutions in association with our estimeed partners :

1. DVD-R based copy proteciton solution by TrusCont Ltd., Israel.
2. USB Media ( Flash Drive ) based copy proteciton solution by TrusCont Ltd., Israel.
3. CD-R based copy protection by Hexalock Ltd., Israel.
4. SecuROM - CD-ROM as well DVD-ROM copy protection by Sony DADC, Austria
5. DVD -Video Protection.

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More information available at :

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